Top 4 Reasons For Reliable Home Care Service

It is not easy to know what level of care is best when a loved one is dealing with health issues. Nursing homes and hospice care are generally thought of as the first level of care available to seniors and elderly family members. How can one determine which level of care is best for them?

A great starting place is understanding what home care really is. Home care professionals are trained, certified and in the case of Home Care Of Georgia, some of the best in the field. Our staff has to pass a rigorous selection process as well as background checks and drug tests. These caregivers come to your home and provide a variety of services including:

  • Shopping
  • Laundry
  • Meal preparation
  • Emotional support
  • Transportation needs
  • Post surgery care
  • Assistance with taking medication
  • Exercise
  • Other duties as needed

So, how do you know if your spouse or parent needs home care? Here are the top five ways:

  1. When You Spend Too Much Time Worrying About Your Loved One

It can be said that loving someone means they’re always on your mind, but when those thoughts turn to consistent worry about how that person is going to take care of his or herself, that can become a problem. It’s just a fact that as we age, daily activities can become increasingly more difficult and sometimes nearly impossible. That’s where a home care provider can be of assistance. Sometimes our family members don’t have significant enough health issues to require hospitalization or assisted living. Staying home is a viable option other than some specific challenges. A caregiver can relieve those worrisome thoughts and take care of your spouse or parent while other family members are at work or with their own families. Consistent home care can really help close the care gap with our loved ones.

  1. When Your Loved One Needs More Than You Can Provide

We do a lot for our family members, but there comes a time when it just becomes too much for one person to handle. Home care is a great option when one person simply cannot provide the necessary care the other person needs. Whether that’s because of their own limitations or health issues or other responsibilities to work or family, an at-home caregiver can provide daily chores, meal preparation, transportation to medical appointments, incontinence care, etc that a spouse or adult child simply may not be able to provide. Plus, our caregivers are highly skilled and often alleviate the family dynamics that can come into play when extra care is needed.

  1. Your Family Member Wants To Stay Home 

Aging is difficult for everyone, and we all want to maintain our independence for as long as we can. Home care can provide just enough assistance to help your loved one maintain a sense of autonomy as well as remain in a familiar environment. We know that people who are able to maintain in their own homes tend to stay healthier longer. Providing home care simply is one way to extend a quality life.

  1. Financial Reason 

Growing old is also not cheap. Living longer challenges our retirement plans, and it’s no secret that assisted living and other structured living options for the elderly isn’t cheap. Based on that, providing home care is a cost effective way to help your loved one remain in a familiar environment as he or she gets the assistance needed.

Bringing someone into your home is never an easy decision regardless of the job they are hired to do, but when it comes to caring for a loved one, it seems to be even tougher. We take the difficulty out of the selection process for you by hiring only the best in the field. Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by all that needs to be done to care for your family. Let the caregivers at Certified Home Care Of Georgia care for you! Call today for a free consultation.


Certified Home Care of Georgia provides reliable and professional senior care services all throughout the metro Atlanta area including Snellville, Lawrenceville and Lilburn. If you have a senior at home who needs assistance whether they need specialty care, or just hourly care we have the right everything you might need.