Care Tailored to Fit Your Lifestyle!

tailored for you phrase handwritten on blackboard with heart symbol instead of O

Certified Home Care of Georgia works under the heading; “Care tailored to you’. We recognize that it is a privilege to be able to provide quality care in our client’s home across Metro Atlanta and Northern Georgia. Great effort is given to staying in touch with each client to ensure we are able to deliver our promise of quality care. We are great listeners, we pay attention to your needs, dislikes and wants so we will be able to personalize the care you need to fit your lifestyle and your way of doing things.

Certified Home Care of Georgia standard is achieved by our conduct, we deliver what we say; quality care, the most qualified and experience caregivers and we aim to preserve dignity. Our office staff works endlessly to rigorously interview and dig deep to find some of the best caregivers with a passion to care.

Certified Home Care of Georgia knows how hard one has to work in order to obtain and maintain comfort in their home; we aim to keep it that way; we believe that your home is your palace and we make sure our caregivers give you undivided respect in your home. After we listen keenly to your needs and dislikes; we search for a caregiver that will match your personality, a caregiver that has experience with your diagnosis, a caregiver whose availability matches the hours you requested and then we narrow our search to a caregiver in close proximity of your home.

Certified Home Care of Georgia is sincere in delivering quality care; handpicking and selecting caregivers of high integrity.

We really care about the well being of our client. Quality care and exceptional service is our tradition. “Delivering quality care the way you want it; is how we define Real Service”. We make the necessary provision for the health, well-being, maintenance, protection and comfort of each client. We focus on ways to deliver exceptional care to each customer and the up keep of their surroundings; we know everyone is different and have different needs. We are going to be blunt; at Certified Home Care of Georgia we are really good at what we do; we are sincere in providing quality care that upholds integrity. Come experience our difference in care. Give us a call for a Free Assessment and tell a friend or family member about us.  Please give us a call 770 635 8042