How to prevent our Elderly parents from falling:

Senior couple spending time in the kitchen

1. Use the first level of the house. As the aging population face retirement and health issues, we should pay attention to see if mom and dad can still manage the stairs. If not, relocate mom, dad or both to the first level of the house that is on to avoid the stairs and falls.

2. Install grab bars- Taking a shower can become harder for our aging parents; install grab bars in the bathroom so your parents can hold on for support in and out of the shower. An additional Suggestion would be a shower bench so they can sit while taking a shower.

Install a Grab Bar

3. Adequate lighting- Lighting is essential for your elderly parents so they can see to get around especially at nights. Encourage your loved one to always have a night light plugged in; this will give them more visibility and prevent them from tripping.

Minimum Lighting is no good for older folks

4. Remove tripping hazard- Install a nonskid underlayment for rugs that are slippery, remove extension cords that are on the walkway to avoid tripping. Remove any toys laying around on the floor after a visit from the grandkids.

Wire running across rug and rug corner represent tripping hazards. Lamp poorly placed in path from staircase.

5. Removing the clutter – Encourage and help mom or dad to clean up any clutter. Make walking space for seniors clear and free from a potential newspaper, magazine and unwanted fixtures lying around on the floor or on the counters or just in the way.


6. Proper shoes and Socks – Wearing the proper shoes and socks – We need to make sure our parent’s shoes are nonskid. Most families are accustomed to wearing socks around the house which are not nonskid.

7. Loose Clothing – loose clothing can become a hazard. Dad may be wearing pants that he had before he lost the weight; which might loosen and fall to the floor. A gown that is too long for mom and a robe that is too long for dad can be a tripping hazard.

8. Take Breaks – As the older we get we get tired easily. Encourage mom or dad to take rest in between their chores or the minute they feel tired.