Go Back in Time When Cooking Meals for Someone With Alzheimer’s

One of the difficulties you face with Alzheimer’s is changing tastes. The disease is cruel and affects every person differently. When tastes change, it’s frustrating. Your mom used to love shepherd’s pie, but now she hates it. She loves pea soup this week, but next week she says she’s never liked it.
Overcome these struggles by going back in time. If you can find favorite meals from your mom’s teens and 20s, you’ll start to hit on meals she remembers loving. You may have to experiment a little to find the time frame she remembers best, but with a little trial and error, you’ll have a list of meals she will eat without hassle.


Popular Meals in the 1940s

Rationing was prevalent in the 1940s. Families had to make due with the foods they had. Sugar, eggs, and meat were some of the items that were hard to get in quantity. Cereal, half a grapefruit, and orange juice were common for breakfast.
For lunch, vegetable soups and chowders were common. Cream of tomato soup served with crackers is one idea to try. Bean and barley soup was also popular.
Dinner time tended to be the one time of day when a meat was served. Liver fried with bacon, baked ham, and spaghetti and meatballs were also main dishes.
As the decade came to a close, processed foods like American cheese, Minute Rice, and instant iced tea mix entered the market. Those are all ideas on what you can serve to get your mom to eat.


Popular Meals in the 1950s

The 1950s saw people coming back from military service. They brought back recipes they enjoyed while stationed overseas in Europe and Asia. Some of the popular meals included lasagna, Polynesian dishes, and Americanized Chinese dishes like egg foo young.
Baked meals made for easy dinners. In addition to lasagna, meatloaf, chicken, beef pot pie, and tuna casseroles grew in popularity. Swanson’s television dinners were introduced and had families eating meals on trays in front of the TV.
For lunch, split pea soup and chicken and corn chowder were popular. Three-bean salad and fruit plates are other ideas. Breakfasts often included the recently introduced Eggo waffles, fried eggs and bacon, french toast, and omelets.


Popular Meals in the 1960s

With rationing a thing of the past, the 1960s saw more creativity in meals. Cocktail parties became common. You may find your mom enjoying appetizers and faux cocktails if she remembers the 1960s. Items like Swedish meatballs, egg rolls, antipasto, and crispy breadsticks were popular.
Tang entered the market. Bologna, tuna, and chicken salad sandwiches were popular lunch items. Iceberg lettuce wedges and fondue were also favorites.
Enlist the help of caregivers for memorable meals. Caregivers can help plan menus, shop for ingredients, and prepare meals for your mom. To learn more, call a home care agency.


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