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Listening to our clients’ needs and then providing customized care to each client exactly how they want it; helps us with critical insights of our business.  Certified Home Care of Georgia provides Respite Care and In Home Care in  Lawrenceville and other areas; Come Experience Our difference In Home Care. We provide service in  Barrow, Cobb, Clarke, Fulton, Gwinnett, Hall, Jackson, Newton, Rockdale and Walton counties.

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"When my sister had an emergency surgery and needed home care; I was hundreds of miles away. I called Certified Home Care of Georgia who had a Caregiver taking care of my sister within hours of the call. My sister and I are satisfied with the care she received"

- Mary P., New Hampshire




For ten months My mom has been struggling with denial of her ability to continue to care for herself. She has lived alone since my dad passed 16 years ago; my brother lives almost 800 miles away, I live 22 miles away. Though it seemed close it was hard for me to visit mom 2-3 times per week, if you take into consideration, I have twin boys that were Juniors in High School and my husband who was going through chemo at the time. Mom seemed such a distance and didn't care anymore; didn't care if she took her medication or even a bath, certainly unlike my mom. There had been occasions where mom doesn't answer the phone, and I had to make 3 or 4 trips in a week to her house; I was burnt out; worrying about my family and the well-being of my mom. My mom gave us all and have always been unselfish to my brother and me. She has been this way all our life; she is a great mom. I spoke to my brother, and he flew down here, and we visited mom one Sunday, and we told her, she had three choices; 1. come live with me, 2. to put her in a nursing home or 3. get her some help in her own home. Just exactly what we thought; she wanted to stay in her own home. My brother got a list of agencies and selected The Team at Certified Home Care of Georgia; they seemed as if they understood our needs and yes they did. It has been three months since we started service. We both think they were the right choice and the team matched mom with the right caregiver. Mom's caregiver has been a blessing. I get text messages every day as soon as she arrives and departs; the system at Certified Home Care of Georgia' clocks the caregivers in and out using mom's house phone. A month after the service mom told me Betty is a blessing to her... Thanks, Team Certified.   June B., Hoschton, GA



Mom's caregiver has been a big helper. I get text messages every day as soon as she arrives and departs; the system at Certified Home Care of Georgia' clocks the caregivers in and out using mom's house phone. A month after the service mom told me Betty is her best friend... Thanks, Team Certified.   June B., Hoschton, GA

My aunt is very particular and wants to remain in her home always, her exact words. My aunt has no kids, and I am the closest to her. She called me one day and said we need to talk. She explains that she needs a little help and would like me to get her a girl to assist her. My friends say I am lucky as most people her age aren't so willing to have someone to come and help much less ask for help. I interviewed a few companies, and the price was right at Certified Home Care of Georgia. Not so fast Aunt Flora says; she wants to talk to the company for herself before they start. As the lady at Certified Home Care of Georgia may remember, Aunt Flora says; "I need your help, but I need a helper that will give me a hand to remain independent." "If I go to my doctor's appointment please wheel me in and transfer me on the bench and give me my privacy." I can still hear My Aunt Flora telling them as she has always been independent and very outspoken. I am glad they were able to find that caregiver that would do what my aunt Flora wants.   Elizabeth G., Suwanee, GA





"The caregiver that is taking care of my wife is very gentle, caring and supportive. She is a real big help, I couldn't have done it without your help."      John W., Lilburn, Georgia




Certified Home Care of Georgia has helped me a lot. My late husband and I owned a condo in Dunwoody and we were on vacation when he took sick. We hired the team at Certified Home Care of Georgia; they have the most loving and dedicated ladies that I have ever seen caring for my husband. Weeks before my husband pass he told me we were always blessed and these girls are evidence of our blessing. Thanks, Certified.     Ruth S.,  Augusta, Georgia




Needed a little help for a short period of time. Got it, I was satisfied. I hope I will keep Good Health for a Long Time. Thanks.       Bob M., Dacula Georgia



Good service, reliable caregivers. Carolyn B., Dacula GA

"My caregiver is the best; she took excellent care of my mom and is now taking care of my dad. She is comforting, knowledgeable, and efficient."

- Donald B., Lawrenceville, Georgia





My dad has been independent and strong-headed all his life. He wants what he wants to be done right away, and his words were the law in our house growing up. He has made it clear to all of us kids that he wants to die at home, mom listens to dad, and she caters to him, she does things the way he wants it. Dad is getting dementia, goes to the grocery store comes back hours later with tons of groceries they don't need, mom's been complaining, but we were scared to approach dad. Two or three times the cops have escorted dad home because he has gotten lost. One Thursday dad got lost for 38 hours, they found him in Virginia, and my parents have lived in Roswell Georgia since they got married. That was a real scare for all of us as we gathered the Saturday waiting for dad arrival home. My brother met the cops in Virginia and drove him back. We knew it was time for help. Now the caregiver drives dad to the grocery store and lets him select his grocery, helps mom prepare meals, and much more.  Scott S., Johns Creek, GA




I had surgery and needed short-term help. My mom and I thought we didn't need any help. When we got home our thoughts had become clear we needed help.  I called Certified Home Care of Georgia at 6 pm and ask how soon I could get help, I was shocked when the lady told me within the next two hours.  The real happiness to the story is they sent a caregiver to my house before 7 pm. I was quite pleased and throughout the duration of the service, the caregiver was knowledgeable and nice.  Arlene R., Dacula, Georgia


Had a minor surgery, and wanted a caregiver overnight to ensure I am safe, My doctor's office called at 1 pm, I got out of surgery and the caregiver was there to carry me home. Nice lady. J J Dunwoody Georgia