Are your elderly parents really safe living by themselves?

Elderly Parents

Are your parents really safe living by themselves? Your elderly parents are living by themselves, but the question is how safe are they? In rare circumstance, they might tell you they need help, most times it is based on your observation you identify they need for in-home care. At 91, Mary still lives alone and…

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Hiring The Right Caregiver

Hiring is a skill, it takes an investigative mind to dig deep in an interview, but it takes time and patience to screen and scrutinize documents to prove competency. It can get technical where after one has finish screening a possible caregiver/CNA and their work ethics is not what you expected and you are back…

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We Just Love To Care!

Certified Home Care of Georgia’s mission is to distribute love and compassion while dispensing care into each client home that we serve. Certified Home Care Of Georgia has made a dedication in providing exceptional in-home care for seniors, people with constraints and your loved ones to help them maintain the highest possible level of independence…

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How to prevent our Elderly parents from falling:

1. Use the first level of the house. As the aging population face retirement and health issues, we should pay attention to see if mom and dad can still manage the stairs. If not, relocate mom, dad or both to the first level of the house that is on to avoid the stairs and falls.…

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Caregivers At Your Service

The Significant Characteristic of Care shall read: “Care comes naturally when dispense from the heart”: Judine Lynch Please share your experience in caring for a loved one or your experience caring by profession. I have always said giving is not a business; you give what you can afford to and never expect anything in return.…

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How Long Term Care Insurance Can Pay For Your Home Care.

Getting the Right Care in the Comfort of your Home. by; Judine Lynch How Long Term Care Insurance can pay for your Home Care. Certified Home Care of Georgia specializes in helping seniors remain in their homes and receive quality and customized care . Sickness and disabilities has no form of etiquette or warning signs.…

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Celebrate National Family Caregivers’ Month with Respite Care

Drinking coffee and reading book

Baking, shopping, decorating, parties, children’s school events, family get-togethers… add all of that to the ongoing routine of working and caring for your family, and you’ve got a recipe for stress! If on top of all of that you’re also one of the 34 million family caregivers in the United States, your level of stress…

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Benefits of Home Care for a Parent with Dementia

When you have a loved one who is suffering under the burden of dementia, life can quickly become stressful for the whole family. You have a few options, but perhaps the best option is dementia home care. Here are 5 reasons to choose home care for a loved one with dementia over residential facilities. Less…

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Why Your Elderly Parent Should Remain Living at Home

Watching your parents age and lose independence is an emotional and often upsetting experience. For many, the transition from independence to assisted living can be frustrating and even painful. There is, however, something you can do to make that transition less difficult, and that is to allow your elderly parent to remain at home for…

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