Elder Care in Suwanee GA

Are your elderly parents really safe living by themselves?

Elderly Parents

Are your parents really safe living by themselves? Your elderly parents are living by themselves, but the question is how safe are they? In rare circumstance, they might tell you they need help, most times it is based on your observation you identify they need for in-home care. At 91, Mary still lives alone and…

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He could no longer care for himself! He was losing his ability to care for himself. He tried to hide it, but his wife caught it. “His wife thought it was painful to watch the strong independent man she married 50 years ago,” she told her kids it was hard to see their dad struggle…

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5 Things You Need to Know About Anemia

Elderly Care in Suwanee GA: Anemia Care and Tips

Elderly Care in Suwanee GA: When your elderly mom or dad develops anemia, you should be concerned about their long-term health. Anemia is one of the most common chronic conditions in seniors, with some estimates as high as 80 percent of all elderly Americans developing it at some time in their golden years.

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What Causes Pericarditis?

Elder Care in Suwanee GA: What Causes Pericarditis?

Elder Care in Suwanee GA: The heart is surrounded by a protective sac called the pericardium. The pericardium is comprised of two layers. The two layers are separated by fluid, which keeps them from rubbing against each other.

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Hiring The Right Caregiver

Hiring is a skill, it takes an investigative mind to dig deep in an interview, but it takes time and patience to screen and scrutinize documents to prove competency. It can get technical where after one has finish screening a possible caregiver/CNA and their work ethics is not what you expected and you are back…

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