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Deciding on a care team for your loved one is a big decision, one that is based on trust and mutual respect. At Certified Home Care of Georgia, we know how hard your loved one has worked to build his or her home and savings, and that hard work should be rewarded with exceptional care.…

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Living in Your Home With Great Help!

That inevitable process that we all go through called aging is feared by many, but we cannot escape. As we age, here are some of the questions that come to mind: •    If I can’t help myself, who do I call? •    What type of help is out there? •    Will they make my life…

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Documents Needed As We Age.

Certified Home Care of Georgia Blog

Life experiences have taught us through trial and error, so then you can certainly be at peace knowing not everyone knows what to do as we age or when we are no longer able to care for ourselves. There are a lot of resources out there, but it is not a one size fit all…

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Are your elderly parents really safe living by themselves?

Certified Home Care

Are your parents really safe living by themselves? Your elderly parents are living by themselves, but the question is how safe are they? In rare circumstances, they might tell you they need help, but most times it is based on your observation you identify the need for in-home care. At 91, Mary still lives alone…

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He could no longer care for himself! He was losing his ability to care for himself. He tried to hide it, but his wife caught it. “His wife thought it was painful to watch the strong independent man she married 50 years ago,” she told her kids it was hard to see their dad struggle…

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Why Family Caregivers Need a Break

Home Care Services in Berkeley Lake GA: Caregiver Breaks

Home Care Services in Berkeley Lake GA: Taking care of an elderly relative can be a challenge, especially if they are struggling with one or more chronic illnesses. They may be at a point where they cannot physically take care of their daily needs, and rely on you to help out.

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