Germ Control Tips for When You Care for Your Senior

Home Care in Duluth GA: Germ Control Tips

Home Care in Duluth GA: Germ control is a critical element of being a family caregiver. Helping your parent to combat the germs in the world around them is an important step in reducing the risk of them contracting an illness or infection that can rapidly become serious.

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How Seniors Can Have a Healthier – and Happier – Thanksgiving

smiling family having holiday dinner at home

For older adults, Thanksgiving can stir a wide range of emotions. The joy of spending time with extended family and friends can sometimes be overshadowed by the loss of loved ones and a lifestyle that’s become increasingly isolated over the years. On top of that, seniors may have dietary concerns and restrictions that make it…

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Tips for Helping Seniors Prepare for Winter

Get ready…it’s coming! While there’s nothing we can do to stop those cold winter months from making their appearance, there’s plenty we can do to ensure that our senior loved ones are prepared. Help protect the safety and wellbeing of the seniors in your life over the winter with these tips: Prevent falls. As we…

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Let’s Talk About Fall (Prevention, That Is)

Fall is a lovely time of year, but there’s another kind of fall that isn’t so lovely. According to the CDC, every 20 minutes a senior dies from a fall, and millions more are injured and hospitalized. And for the elderly, even a minor fall can result in major complications, including fractures or head traumas.…

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