Elderly Parents
Elderly Parents

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Are your parents really safe living by themselves?

Your elderly parents are living by themselves, but the question is how safe are they? In rare circumstance, they might tell you they need help, most times it is based on your observation you identify they need for in-home care.

At 91, Mary still lives alone and wants to remain independent though, her frailness impedes, Mary prevails even with the accidents around the home.

Independence is one attribute we were born with, and we never want to depart from it. Some people say; it’s a state of denial when an older person needs help and refuse; some people argue it’s pride and more pride than denial.

Let us examine both:

Age has caught up with you, and the things you are accustomed of doing you can no longer do for yourself, you know this is happening, but you fear to lose your independence because of your pride and the thought of someone invading your privacy and the territory you have created called home. Can I get naked in front of a caregiver to bath and dress me, much less go to the bathroom with assistance one might wonder?

Mr. Charles has been the breadwinner of the family, the active decision maker who his kids look to. The aches of aging and memory loss have come to visit him. He no longer remembers to take his medication and even gets lost for hours when he goes to the grocery store. In a conversation, his son told him he notices the changes, and he openly declares untrue. Could this be because of his memory that he forgets, so he denies?

Let’s go a little further to:

The Loss of self-pride
My experience in caring for the frail older adults goes way back to 1987. I have seen people who have lost a self-pride in their appearance due to depression, age, and memory loss.
Betty a vivacious and fashion statement woman who had a handbag and shoes matching every outfit has retired 20 years. Her husband died four years after they retire and she is all by herself, the kids are a thousand miles away because they have a family too. She no longer has the zeal or the least care to coordinate and even forgets to take a shower. Indeed not the Betty, anyone, knew.

These unexpected difficulties of becoming frail as we get older pop us in our lives, and we are faced with critical decisions. Weather Denial or Pride, it is a thing we have to educate or help our parents that help is available. After we have examined all the facts our parents are facing; we then asked ourselves: are Mom and dad really safe at home by themselves?

One of the best ways to find this out is paying your parents a visitor through phone conversations; try to find out how well they are doing by themselves.
1. Are their signs of burn pots
2. Do they forget important dates and appointments?
3. Do they forget to pay their bills?
4. Are they well groomed?
5. Are they prone to falls?
6. Can they still make meals on their own?
7. Do they safe in the shower by themselves?
8. Can your parents still drive?
9. When was the last time they visited a doctor?

Beverly Sills says: In youth, we run into difficulties and in old age difficulties run into us.

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Written by: Judine Lynch